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Natural skincare

Natural skincare

Natural skincare is something that lies very close to our hearts at Makarmi Natural Goat Milk Soap. That is why our products are all about being more natural. All of our Natural (Unscented) Products have been developed with specific skin problems in mind. This includes eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, shingles and sensitive skin.

Our own daughter suffered from eczema for ten years. That was until we learned about goat’s milk soap and started making our own. Our focus is on using high quality, natural ingredients that is safe and effective for sensitive skin.

We believe that God created everything and that everything He created was good. We also believe that He provided us with everything we humans need in the Bible and in nature to live a healthy and happy life. All we need to do is look for it… That is why we are always looking for and learning more about natural treatments, including natural skincare.

Handmade goat milk soap

Handcrafted with carefully researched ingredients

All our products are proudly handcrafted on our homestead. We use only carefully researched ingredients that focuses on calming and soothing sensitive and irritable skin. All our Natural products have natural butters, luxury oils and high quality essential oils in them and certain products have pure beeswax in them.

We recently also launched our Scented products. The Scented products have more or less the same ingredients in them as our Natural products. The only difference is that they have fragrance and/or colorants added to them. Clients who does not have sensitive skin can safely use our Scented products.

We make all our products ourselves and the end result matters to us. Best of all, we use our products in our own household, therefore we will never sell you a product that we are not completely satisfied with. Because our products are handmade, they may differ slightly in weight or appearance. This should not be seen as a defect, but it rather contributes to the intrinsic appeal of handmade products. 

Organic unrefined goat's milk

Organic unrefined goat’s milk

We use our own organic unrefined goat’s milk in all our goat’s milk soaps. This ensures a high quality goat milk soap that is soft and gentle on sensitive skin. 

We care for and milk our goats ourselves. We take the health and well-being of our goats seriously. Our goats have full access to mineral supplements and natural pasture. The pasture has been free from any chemical fertilizer for more than ten years now. We believe in organic composting and we make our own compost. We also use rotational grazing methods to make sure the pasture has enough time to rest and recover and to break parasite-cycles.

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What our clients say

I just wanted to update you about the soap…it is working wonders for me. All my dark spots are fading on my skin!

Kamogelo Lebotse, North West Satisfied client

BAIE, BAIE dankie vir my SEEP, 

vir jou VRIENDELIKHEID, SUPER goeie/vinnige DIENS en vir my LOTION BAR!!

Terwyl dit ARNICA in het, gaan my man hom kry vir al sy Muurbal-speel pyne.

Ek sal in die toekoms beslis ALTYD by JOU bestellings plaas.

Maureen Vermeulen, Bloemfontein

Thank you for Makarmi Natural Goat’s Milk soap. This is truly a wonder product that changed our lives and we will never stop using this.

Even our Dermatologist was in awe and could not believe the difference your natural soap bar made with our little girl’s skin eczema caused by her rare genetic disorder. We used so many expensive products and treatments in the past to no avail. Your products now have her skin as normal, if not better, as any other and gave her back her confidence to expose her skin in public. Even our teen daughter using the acne bar and moisturizer is so impressed with the results.

I will recommend this products to everyone with it being medically confirmed to be the safest and most natural treatment for any skin condition. Well done on a great product.

Donate to Karlien’s fund.



Goat milk soap is helping her heal!
Frik du Preez from Help Her Heal

Makarmi’s new valentine’s lotion bars are just amazing, my skin has never felt softer and healthier.

Thank you Makarmi for all the effort you put into your products!

Definitely a must have.

Goat milk soap
Lourina Calitz

Wow julle die seep is awesome. Ek was en scrub met dit. So sag op my vel. Love dit. Die lotion bar is n moet he.

My meisies is mal oor die lip balm. Ek kan ook sien dat my kleinste se ekseem al klaar beter lyk. Ek was so beindruk met aflewering. Vanaf Moedwill na Wes-kaap en ek het dit binne n dag ontvang by my huis.

Dis awesome. Dankie Julle vir die goeie produkte.

Goat milk soap
Marie Peyper

Our core products

Goat's milk soap

Goat’s milk soap

Quality goat’s milk soap is known to relieve the signs and symptoms of acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Our goat’s milk soap is ideal for sensitive skin. What makes our goat’s milk soap so special?  Most importantly we use our own farm fresh, unrefined, organic goat’s milk in all our soaps! All the ingredients have been carefully researched to calm and soothe sensitive skin, therefore our Plain soap are safe to use on babies.

All Natural Lotion bars - Choose between His or Hers

Lotion bars

Our Lotion bars are proudly handcrafted on our homestead using only natural ingredients. No chemicals, parabens, petroleum ingredients, alcohol or preservatives. Just pure beeswax, luxury oils, natural conditioning butters and high quality essential oils.
Safe and effective for sensitive and dry skin. Enjoy a long lasting, deep moisturizing experience!

Beeswax lip balms

Lip Balms

Our lip balms are carefully handmade from only the finest natural ingredients. Also, these ingredients were carefully selected to moisturize, condition and protect your lips. The core ingredients in all of our lip balms are beeswax, natural butters, luxury oils and either high quality essential oils or lip balm fragrances. 

Bath fizzies

Bath bombs

Do you need a little pampering and some stress free time? Why not run yourself a hot bath, pop in one of your favorite bath bombs and relax a while… Let the epsom salt in the bath bomb work on all those sore and stiff muscles… feel the luxury oils moisturize and soften your skin and let your senses indulge in the fragrances and essential oils to relax your mind…

Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars

Just like all our goat’s milk soap, we use our own organic unrefined goat’s milk in our shampoo bars. Along with natural butters, luxury oils and high quality essential oils. The essential oils have been carefully researched to soothe and calm irritable scalp. It also promotes hair growth and strengthen hair. Therefore our shampoo bars are ideal for clients with psoriasis or any other scalp condition like dandruff. We suggest that you use an apple […]

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Makarmi Natural Goat Milk Soap is known to relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

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Goat milk helped for my child’s eczema. When Karli was born I realised soon afterwards that all the nice smelling baby liquid soaps, shampoos and creams would have to go. It made her skin red and inflamed which in turn made her fussy and irritable. I noticed that after each bath her skin looked worse…more inflamed, more red, dry and scaly and sometimes there was even fluid oozing out of her skin. Skincare for baby […]

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